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The roles of a CPA and Private Investigator overlap regarding fraud and financial investigations, with CPAs generally limited to the analysis and summarization of financial documents and PIs to field work. At Steven Martin CPA, PI, LLC, these two disciplines come together to provide a seamless approach to financial investigations.

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Steven Martin, CPA, PI, LLC continues to maintain a strong tax and accounting practice while also offering financial investigations and forensic accounting. Beginning with an email or telephone call to Steven Martin, CPA, PI, LLC, analysis of client documents can start, along with a discussion to determine what is needed and how the firm can be of assistance. Documents may then be taken back to the firm’s office for additional analysis, research, and possible requests to the client for additional information.

Depending on the client’s instructions, field work can be done contemporaneously as leads are discovered. This may include physically finding and photographing assets, locating and interviewing individuals, and making adjustments to the investigation in real time as new information becomes known. During this entire time, the client is in charge and kept continually updated.

Forensic accounting statements may be prepared during the course of the investigation, with draft copies provided to the client as requested. All relevant information from a variety of sources may be recorded into a cash flow statement (source and use of cash) or other relevant type of statement that is suitable for the client’s needs. Such sources include bank statements, brokerage statements, tax returns when available, contracts, receipts, and even verbal information. Clients can readily determine the credibility of all entries; for example, bank statements are generally more reliable than verbal information. Such forensic statements may be introduced into court as evidence.

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Steven Martin has been a CPA for 35 years, and is certified in financial forensics by the American Institute of CPAs. He is also a Certified Fraud Examiner, a Certified Acceptance Agent, and a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. He has 19 years’ experience as a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent, including as the Group Supervisor of a Financial Investigations Team and Asset Forfeiture Group.

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